I am alena, the manager of this blog named International Gamer. The purpose of making this website is to enable people that lodge in a hotel, find game tricks, tips or other entertainment articles that they may be searching for from their room.
I observed that some people are pissed off when they see that the hotel they lodge into those not allow them to enjoy their gaming activities or grant them access to some entertainment equipments. Here, I write, share and inform people staying on hotels, of the necessary available cheats, tricks they can use for any game on their device. They can effectively play online using guides here, read reviews before clicking on any oonline game store and even learn techniques that might be difficult before.

Here, you can share your views concerning posts made and I will try as much as possible to reply, so that you will have the feeling that you are not alone.

I like you to feel free to search for any topic you want, and comment if you like. Pay attention to bolded text because I put hidden gems there.

Let your gaming activity be amazing from my help.

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